Top 6 Angular IDE and Editor Tools to Use For Web Development In 2022

 Each day, plenty of developers are working on the development project of a website or application or any other digital project. There are a myriad of developers in the pool who use a multitude of different tools for their development projects. There is provision for UI/UX designing, testing, major development, and many other purposes. Among the various frameworks available in the digital market, Angular IDEs are very much talked about. 

Angular falls under the starred section of frameworks of various developers. The angular development company claims several features are available in the framework to use, such as text editors, code libraries, compilers, etc. Angular is posing to be the most liked framework for such developments and tasks, the number of IDEs, Integrated Development Environments, and it increases with it. Let us now briefly take a look at what Angular and IDEs are.

What is Angular?

Angular, also known as a JavaScript Framework, was created by Google in 2009 with the primary objective of assisting developers in constructing next-generation online and mobile apps. It is widely used by developers and it allows them to blend HTML and CSS with the JavaScript framework. It includes an integrated development environment (IDE) and a number of third-party libraries.

What are IDEs?

The Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, is a tool that simplifies the process of developing codes and optimizes development methods for all developers. IDE software development aids in the integration of software into systems and focuses on task analysis.

Which are the best Angular IDEs to confide in by 2021?

Angular development tools are gaining in favor among professionals. The market filled with IDEs that make developing web and mobile applications easier. Let us move ahead and see the best angular IDEs that you can consider for your next development.

Angular IDE: 

The very first one in the list is Angular IDE itself. There is good framework to execute your high-end developments with a knack for professionalism and perfection. It developed mainly for the Angular framework. One can access the Angular IDE via both stand-alone plugins or Eclipse plugins. This empowers the Angular developers. Hire Angular developers to get the best of your web development.

The major benefit of this candidate right here is that it is quick, efficient, and supports the advanced setting of the latest version of Typescript 3.0.  

  • Validation and debugging in TypeScript 3.0
  • CLI integration
  • Advanced HTML templates
  • Angular 7 is supported.
  • TypeScript 3.0 Block and full-file formats supported.
  • Code for real-time validation
  • Errors displayed as you write.
  • Code auto-completion
  • The syntax-aware source colored and highlighted.
  • Formatting in its entirety with advanced options


The next candidate on the list is the very popular Webstorm. Built on IntelliJ, Webstorm has proven to provide an outstanding service. An angular development company that works on the IDEs suggests the use of Webstorm for Typescript based developers. Angular development services confided by this editor for their developments. 

This one has an advantageous provision of built-in elements to use, it becomes a preferred choice for the developers. Intelligent coding and quick integration are all features of this editor. It nullifies the requirement of third-party plugins and it generates Typescript code on its own. It supports a plugin environment, which includes capabilities like setup and local history.

Some of the salient features include:

  • Javascript, NodeJS, HTML, and CSS are all well supported.
  • Tool integration is quite simple.
  • Debugging, tracing, and analysis via testing is smooth
  • It has a built-in terminal
  • Inclusive of a version control system
  • Has an extra plugin for the ecosystem
  • Smart coding assistance is one of the primary features
  • Navigation and refactoring is strong

Visual Studio Code: 

Developed by Microsoft, this source code editor can used for Windows, iOS, Linux, etc. The salient features of this editor include auto-completion of code using intelligent technology, supports Typescript code, debugging, functions, along with inserted modules. It is a robust code editor apt for angular development services. Here are some of the features of the Visual Code Editor that might interest you; take a look at these:

○ Various languages supported

○ Git commands built-in

○ IntelliSense allows you to configure intelligent code completion for quick debugging.

○ Customizable and extensible


An open-source modern text editor is what brackets look like. Being a lightweight candidate, this one is preferred for developing web and mobile apps. It is powerful and efficient. Brackets is a good choice if the developer needs to focus on web application development solely. With tonnes of features for the web developers to choose from, Brackets supports MAC, Windows, Linux. It has a supportive strength for various languages. Features of Brackets listed below:

○ Latest editor with latest features

○ Real-time preview and live editing

○ Pre-processor

○ Quick go top navigation


Github has created Atom, a hackable editor that works well on major platforms, including Android, MAC, and Linux. Atom is preferred by developers for all major development technologies. Here are some interesting features of Atom:

○ Cross-platform editing is supported

○ Auto completion is smooth

○ File system browser

○ Built-in manager for package

○ Multiple panes with easy browsing features are available.

Sublime Text: 

Sublime Text is a lightweight and reliable text editor that works quickly. One of the most prominent features of this text editor is its ability to handle large files without causing problems.

It outperforms the competition, thanks to its ability to analyze regular expressions and case-sensitive letters.

It has access to multiple cursors, which allows for synchronized editing, and a mini-map that shows how big your project is. You may navigate to a specific spot on the mini-map without having to scroll through pages.

Features of the SUblime text are as follows:

  • Plugin API
  • The quick project switch feature
  • UI toolkit with interesting customization
  • Typescript code editing supported
  • Split editing
  • Command palette
  • Editing on multiple platforms supported
  • Functionalities that optimized and customization.


We hope that this list of the top 6 free IDEs for angular developments will make a difference in your next digital development project. These candidates chosen after meticulous research and are suggested by Angular development company extensively.

The apps listed above are the best in the industry and are picked by the developers, which allows them to create an enriching experience for their end-users. If you want a similar experience for your project, you can contact Angular development company; We will be glad to hear from you.